Nearshore development teams
Timur software with a team of over 100 software engineers work in a collaborative environment with one mission - to bring your ideas to life!
About Timur Software

We hire the best in Eastern Europe, all speak English, have a lot of experience and are professionals in their field.
As an outstaffing company, Timur Software offers flexible solutions for building a team for your project from scratch, as well as increasing the IT staff. We work closely with our clients to ensure accuracy of information, consistency and punctuality, which leads us both to success.
Software Development of Web Software Solutions of Any Complexity
Timur Software specialists have worked on more than 300 start-up projects.
Match your timezone
Our developers match your time zone and overlap a minimum of 4 hours with your workday.
Zero Risk
If you decide to stop within two weeks, you pay nothing.
Hight quality/cost ration
We are a multi-skilled team, each member of which is experienced in different fields and different projects. This fact allows us to efficiently solve problems of any complexity level.
Easy to manage
High visibility makes Turing developers easy to manage and ensures that they constantly work on what's most valuable to you.
Why Timur Software approach is different?

  • Before we suggest a dedicated team composition, we thoroughly research your project and dive deeply into details
  • We make sure that the right talent is joining the team, concerning their tech qualifications, soft skills, and a kind of character
  • We minimize bureaucratic procedures because we value relationships with people first
  • We personally invest in the clients' businesses by supporting their additional needs while we have resources available
  • Independent expertise in business development, UI/UX design, mobile & web engineering.
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